About to close down

Update: One good shibe set up this reddit thread and with all the support that came through it I'm afraid that I can't but keep going. Thanks everyone. I promise I'll keep the site alive for at least another year.

Original post:

So, I got an invoice for the dogecharts.org domain last week. An email notification that the credit on my webhosting is getting low arrived today. It's not like it's super expensive. The domain is ca $20 a year. The hosting is just a little bit more. In the days of the dogecoin glory (late 2013 - early 2014) the website easily made enough money to cover the domain+hosting costs. Now it hasn't been making anything for quite a while...

Besides, it doesn't seem dogecoin is actually making it to the moon any time soon and it's been a long time since I managed to find time to do some maintenance (which is now clearly much needed).

On the other hand, I would be sad to close the site down after all the time I spent working on it.

So I'm really not sure what to do now. Pay the bills; do some fixes to at least get the Cryptsy working again; maybe implement one of the proposed features (loved the "change bter to red and cryptsy to blue" suggestion :))... and then face the same dilemma same time next year? Or just shut it down now?

I know that there are still some regular visitors, but would anyone really miss the dogecharts if they disappeared?

If you would send me a note to honza.pomikalek@gmail.com. If there are at least a few people who would miss it I won't shut down.

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